Weekly Update #4

IntroductionThis weekly update consists of mainly website edits and is not as large as the other updates we have released. However, enjoy the updates we have in store!   New Multicraft PanelWe have re-designed our Multicraft Panel completely to include a dark theme which is better looking than our existing white and purple theme. This new ... Több... »

24th Máj 2020
Weekly Update #3

IntroductionOver the past 2 weeks we have been posting weekly updates over at our Discord Server which can be joined here: https://discord.slashy.host. We will now be posting weekly updates on 4 platforms. Discord, Here, Newsletter and MC-Market. You can see a full list of changes that we have made this week below!   Amazon Echo Show 5 ... Több... »

17th Máj 2020
Slashy Hosting 2.0

Hello everyone. Over the past few months Slashy has been planning new additions and updates for the Slashy Hosting platform. After many hours of discussion we came to the decision that we would like to focus on Website Hosting as much as possible, however that is not to say that we will not be launching Game/VPS/Dedicated hosting in the future. ... Több... »

28th Ápr 2019
Weekly Update #1

Hello all, Welcome to the start of the weekly updates for slashy hosting.  So, what is new this week? Well, first thing first is that is the month of Christmas and presents. So, our present to you all is a 50% off coupon code for 3 months or you can get your self a 10% off coupon for 12 months. All up to you. (Coupons listed below)  Another ... Több... »

1st Dec 2018

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