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Category: General Posts

Our New Partnership Program 2022

In 2021 we first announced our Partnership program, and our first partner was Candor Services, since then we have added many new partners to our program, and have build a network of reputable products/services for our customers to choose from.

2022 is going to be an important year for Slashy Hosting, as we’ve spent the last two years pushing the boundaries with new additions to our services, however we now want to showcase this work to customers, so they can use it for what it was designed to do. We have launched the largest partner recruitment program ever at Slashy Hosting today, and to ensure that the recruitment process is as successful as possible, we have re-visited and re-designed our Partnership Requirements.

New Partnership Requirement Changes

Our partnership requirements have been altered to include the following changes:

  • Reduced YouTuber Subscriber requirement from 2,500 to 1,500 Subscribers
  • Reduced Streamer Follower requirement from 3,000 to 2,000
  • Reduced TikTok Follower requirement from 10,000 to 5,000
  • Reduced Discord Community Member requirement from 5,000 to 1,000
  • Reduced requirement to be established for at least 3 months, to at least 2 months.

These partnership requirement changes will allow for many new applications, and create many new opportunities for potential partners in the future. In addition to the outlined changed, we are also changing our review time from 12 months to 3 months, which means that we will re-visit and adjust these every 3 months.

What this change means for you

If you have ever wanted to partner with Slashy Hosting, and join a community of reputable freelancers, content creator and businesses around the world – Now is the time to do it. We are accepting over 90% more applications than usual, and will continue to release new benefits to our partners.

How do I apply

You can apply for the Partnership Program via our Discord Server https://discord.slashy.host, or via our website: https://billing.slashy.host/submitticket.php

If you prefer to email us your proposal, you can contact us via [email protected]

Gift Cards & Slashy Hosting Control v1.2

We have some more features to share relating to Slashy Hosting Services! This week we have been focusing on the implementation of Gift Cards, as well as the Slashy Hosting Control v1.2 release.

Gift Cards

We now offer Gift Cards on our website! You can purchase a Gift Card using the button below

To celebrate the release of Gift Cards we are offering a promotion to receive more than you paid for. Below you can find a list of the promotions being offered!

  • Purchase a $5 Gift Card and receive $7.50
  • Purchase a $10 Gift Card and receive $12.50
  • Purchase a $15 Gift Card and receive $20.00
  • Purchase a $25 Gift Card and receive $30.00
  • Purchase a $50 Gift Card and receive $55.00
  • Purchase a $100 Gift Card and receive $110.00
  • Purchase a $150 Gift Card and receive $175.00
  • Purchase a $250 Gift Card and receive $300.00

These promotions will be valid for a limited time.

To redeem a Gift Card you can head over to our Billing Panel and sign in. Once you have signed in, you will have an option on the sidebar to redeem a Gift Card: https://billing.slashy.host/redeem.php

Slashy Hosting v1.2

We are happy to announce that the latest version of our Discord Bot is now available! Slashy Hosting Control allows you to control your Minecraft Server directly from your Discord Server.

The latest updates to the Slashy Hosting Control Bot include:

  • We have released a new Settings Menu. You can view your current settings using the -settings command.
  • You can now adjust the Administrator role after initial setup using the Settings Menu
  • You can now disable GIFs showing in commands via the Settings Menu
  • You can now change the color of the embedded messages using the Settings Menu
  • An icon is now displayed when using the -start, -stop, -restart and -kill command
  • When -start, -stop, -restart and -kill are used, it now shows more information about the server that you are executing the command on

These changes should be live and ready to use on your server!

Free Trial & Java 11 Support

Not sure that a Minecraft Server is right for you? Now you don’t need to worry, as we have launched 24 hour free trial servers.

Currently, only Budget Minecraft Server Hosting supports this addition, however we plan to roll it out to Premium Server Hosting later next month, and to VPS/Web Hosting in early 2022.

Our Trial Budget Minecraft Hosting plan includes:

  • Instant Setup
  • Unmetered SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Slots
  • 1GB Memory
  • DDoS Protection
  • 1x MySQL Database
  • FTP File Access
  • Enterprise Hardware
  • 100% Uptime*
  • North America & Europe Location
  • Java 8, 11, 16 and 17 support

You can receive a free trial server via our website: https://slashy.host/minecraft

Java 17 Support

The launch of Minecraft 1.18 is just a few days away, and we have rolled out support for Java 17, which is a requirement for the new version. At this moment in time, we only support Custom JARs as an option for Java 17, however our automated systems will automatically deploy 1.18 on all nodes upon release.

In addition to Java 17, we have also released a stability bug patch with our internal deployment systems, resulting in daily backups being more stable, one-click modpacks working again and new JAR options being accessible within 30 minutes of deployment.

Slashy Hosting Black Friday Sale!

It’s that time of year when businesses around the world drop their prices to participate in Black Friday Sales! At Slashy Hosting we have been hard at work preparing for this exact moment, and cannot wait to welcome our brand new customers.

Our Black Friday deals will run from 19th November to the 1st December. We will be offering two deals this year:

  1. 40% Off your first month of hosting – Code: BLACK
  2. 25% Off recurring hosting – Code: BFRIDAY

Oh, and did we mention? If you want to receive the 40% Deal now, and want to receive the 25% deal from next month onwards, we will also support that by simply opening a support ticket!

To place an order, simply head over to our website using the button below. The 40% promotion will automatically apply at checkout!

Welcome to the Slashy Hosting Blog

Welcome to the brand new Slashy Hosting Blog! We have many plans for this new platform that we would love to share with you.

At Slashy Hosting, we believe that communication is key when it comes to customer satisfaction. As we continue to expand and grow, we began to realise that we needed a more centralised platform to communicate important announcements, and platform updates with our customers. In addition to this, we wanted to build a platform that would facilitate more than just release notes, but to also support written guides such as how to build and expand a Minecraft Server with ease.

If you have a suggestion for what you would like to see on our Blog, please let us know via our Discord Server using the -suggest command. You can find some purposes of our new Blog below.

Additions to our Services

We are constantly improving our services on a weekly basis, and we want to ensure that customers are aware of such changes to ensure that they can utilise them to their full potential.

Previously, we depended on WHMCS’ Announcement Tool for important announcements, however from today that will all change! Our Blog has a modern UI that enables us to add elements that were not previously supported. As a result of this, we can ensure that additions to our services are explained clearly, using media such as images to showcase such changes.


Once upon a time, we released promotions on a week-by-week basis. Due to increased focus on important updates within Slashy Hosting, we temporarily stopped these promotions. We would love to welcome back these Promotions within our blog posts to ensure that our customers can get the best deals possible with their services!

Server Creation Guides

Not many people know the full history behind Slashy Hosting, therefore we will give some backstory on this one.

Slashy Hosting was founded in 2018, however our roots go back further to 2016 when our first major venture was started. Before Slashy Hosting, our team formed a service team called JenkinsDesigns which provided Minecraft-related services to users around the world. JenkinsDesigns very quickly became the #1 choice for any service within the Minecraft Industry due to being one of the only teams to combine all aspects of a Minecraft Server into a one-stop shop.

  • Minecraft Server Store/Forum Development
  • Custom Minecraft Plugin Development
  • Custom Minecraft Setups
  • Custom Minecraft Builds
  • Custom Minecraft Artwork
  • Many more…

After becoming very successful, we branched out further and formed Slashy which would later acquire many more service teams and combine them into one. We also had a Forum and Discord Community for promoting servers and services!

Before JenkinsDesigns, our team also managed many Minecraft Servers independently dating back as far as 2014.

Getting back to the point, we want to collectively share our experience with our customers to ensure that they can maximise growth with their Minecraft Server. Slashy Hosting loves seeing customers grow their communities, and we are extremely excited when customers choose us to assist them with their journey!

With that being said, we hope you enjoy what’s coming with our Blog, and we would love to hear your feedback!