You probably know by now that there’s a lot that goes into running a company, specifically a Hosting Company. We have spent years tuning our internal tools and procedures to enable us to be as efficient as possible. In this post we will be diving deep into the roots of Slashy Hosting, mentioning our third-party tools used, servers used, custom tools designed specifically for our services.

Software Used

We use a range of software, all of which serves a different purpose within Slashy Hosting.


WHMCS is a market leader when it comes to billing management for hosting companies. Once you place an order with us, the order is provisioned and managed by WHMCS which automates the hosting process. We also use WHMCS for tools such as Support Tickets via our website.

It’s safe to say that we would be nothing if it wasn’t for WHMCS. We have also developed many custom additions to WHMCS such as:

  • The Theme/Checkout process is fully custom developed by us
  • Gift Cards are a completely custom solution for us
  • Push notifications for our support team to receive support ticket responses are custom developed by us
  • And many more…


We use Multicraft for our Minecraft Hosting Control Panel, however we have added a lot of custom additions. In total the number of lines of code that has been added by us likely exceeds 10,000.

There’s a lot that’s unseen with our Minecraft Control Panel such as our Slashy Hosting Control Bot, external API with custom endpoints and our backup nodes which have been built from the ground up with custom scripts to ensure that all servers get backed up daily. There’s simply too much to go into in this Blog post, therefore we will make another one soon explaining our Multicraft Additions.

Virtualizor & cPanel

Virtualizor and cPanel control both the Web Hosting and VPS Hosting side of Slashy Hosting. Whilst there isn’t any customisation on either yet, we are excited to experiment on new features soon


Crisp holds a vital status within Slashy Hosting as it controls our LiveChat, Knowledge Base and Public Status page. Whenever you view one of our Help Articles, contact us via the LiveChat or check if we have scheduled/ongoing server incidents, you are interacting with Crisp.


We make sure of so many pieces of software, it’s impossible to list them all in this post, however some of the more vital parts will be shown below

  • Mailchimp – Handles our newsletter campaigns
  • HetrixTools & DataDog – Handles our internal server monitoring (We are in the process of moving to a custom solution)
  • ClickUp – Handles our Productivity/Task management
  • GitHub/GitLab – Version Control for our custom scripts
  • Adobe XD – Initial designs are created here before we implement changes to our panels
  • Visual Studio Code – Used to develop new features on our panel
  • IFTTT – Automation in the social-media channel in Discord
  • CloudFlare – DNS Management
  • YubiCo/Google Authenticator/SMS Validation for Security

Custom Tools

Slashy Hosting uses many custom scripts/tools to function efficiently. Below you can see some of our favourite

  • Node Resource Logging
    • Checks our available server space to ensure that we have enough stock to offer to customers
  • Discord Support Bot
    • Handles all support requests in the Discord Server
  • Automatic JAR Updater
    • Checks for new JAR builds and deploys them to all nodes
  • Backups
    • Handles daily backups, as well as manual backups.
  • Modpack Deployment
    • Handles the deployment of modpack updates to all nodes
  • Gift Cards
    • The Gift Card product is custom developed by us


Infrastructure is a very sensitive topic to most hosting providers, however we believe in transparency, therefore we will do our best to explain our infrastructure below

Minecraft Hosting Nodes

Our Minecraft Hosting nodes are hosted by OVH/SoYouStart. We also still have a node hosted with our old previous provider Hetzner based in Finland.

VPS Hosting Nodes

Our VPS Hosting nodes are also hosted by OVH/SoYouStart. We use a range of different server types due to them changing their servers offered, as well as a shift in VPS Types offered by us last year


Our Website Nodes (Billing, Main Site, Minecraft Control Panel) are all hosted on servers by OVH.


We also have many other servers that you are probably not aware of. Some of these include

  • Backup Nodes
  • SQL Node for MySQL Database’s offered with Minecraft Hosting
  • Modpack/JAR Distribution Node
  • Proxy Server for internal security
  • Self-hosted GitLab Server
  • Demo Panel
  • And more…


We hope that you enjoyed getting an insight into the infrastructure behind Slashy Hosting, and we hope that you are enjoying hosting with us!

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