Welcome to the brand new Slashy Hosting Blog! We have many plans for this new platform that we would love to share with you.

At Slashy Hosting, we believe that communication is key when it comes to customer satisfaction. As we continue to expand and grow, we began to realise that we needed a more centralised platform to communicate important announcements, and platform updates with our customers. In addition to this, we wanted to build a platform that would facilitate more than just release notes, but to also support written guides such as how to build and expand a Minecraft Server with ease.

If you have a suggestion for what you would like to see on our Blog, please let us know via our Discord Server using the -suggest command. You can find some purposes of our new Blog below.

Additions to our Services

We are constantly improving our services on a weekly basis, and we want to ensure that customers are aware of such changes to ensure that they can utilise them to their full potential.

Previously, we depended on WHMCS’ Announcement Tool for important announcements, however from today that will all change! Our Blog has a modern UI that enables us to add elements that were not previously supported. As a result of this, we can ensure that additions to our services are explained clearly, using media such as images to showcase such changes.


Once upon a time, we released promotions on a week-by-week basis. Due to increased focus on important updates within Slashy Hosting, we temporarily stopped these promotions. We would love to welcome back these Promotions within our blog posts to ensure that our customers can get the best deals possible with their services!

Server Creation Guides

Not many people know the full history behind Slashy Hosting, therefore we will give some backstory on this one.

Slashy Hosting was founded in 2018, however our roots go back further to 2016 when our first major venture was started. Before Slashy Hosting, our team formed a service team called JenkinsDesigns which provided Minecraft-related services to users around the world. JenkinsDesigns very quickly became the #1 choice for any service within the Minecraft Industry due to being one of the only teams to combine all aspects of a Minecraft Server into a one-stop shop.

  • Minecraft Server Store/Forum Development
  • Custom Minecraft Plugin Development
  • Custom Minecraft Setups
  • Custom Minecraft Builds
  • Custom Minecraft Artwork
  • Many more…

After becoming very successful, we branched out further and formed Slashy which would later acquire many more service teams and combine them into one. We also had a Forum and Discord Community for promoting servers and services!

Before JenkinsDesigns, our team also managed many Minecraft Servers independently dating back as far as 2014.

Getting back to the point, we want to collectively share our experience with our customers to ensure that they can maximise growth with their Minecraft Server. Slashy Hosting loves seeing customers grow their communities, and we are extremely excited when customers choose us to assist them with their journey!

With that being said, we hope you enjoy what’s coming with our Blog, and we would love to hear your feedback!