Hello all,

Welcome to the start of the weekly updates for slashy hosting. 

So, what is new this week? Well, first thing first is that is the month of Christmas and presents. So, our present to you all is a 50% off coupon code for 3 months or you can get your self a 10% off coupon for 12 months. All up to you. (Coupons listed below) 

Another amazing, feature we have added is the chance to order your self a website when you order a website hosting server with us. This means when you go to https://host.slashy.co.uk/web.php and order your self a package you will have the option to choose if you would like to buy a £20 Front-End Website (2 Pages). Which will be supplied by Banned. All of that will be discussed in a ticket. 

On our discord, we have launched our ticket bot which you can use to get support for Slashy Hosting.

We have much more in the planning so stay tuned! 

Promotion code: 

50% off for 3 months - "Slashy50"

10% off for 12 months - "Slashy10"



Home Page: https://host.slashy.co.uk/

Website Hosting: https://host.slashy.co.uk/web.php

Support: https://host.slashy.co.uk/submitticket.php

Client Area: https://host.slashy.co.uk/clientarea.php

Cpanel: https://cpanel.slashy.co.uk/

Terms of Conditions: https://host.slashy.co.uk/terms.php

Privacy Policy: https://host.slashy.co.uk/privacy.php

Partners: https://host.slashy.co.uk/partners.php

Discord: https://discord.gg/sx4Seva


Kind regards,

Slashy Hosting Team

Saturday, December 1, 2018

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