Hello everyone.

Over the past few months Slashy has been planning new additions and updates for the Slashy Hosting platform. After many hours of discussion we came to the decision that we would like to focus on Website Hosting as much as possible, however that is not to say that we will not be launching Game/VPS/Dedicated hosting in the future. Below we will list the changes in Slashy Hosting 2.0. If you have any questions about any change, feel free to contact our team either here or on our Discord server at: https://discord.gg/dwHYQP7



Our first major change was to our Discord system. We came to the decision that our old Discord Server didn't really have much use and it was pointless. We re-designed our new server to have a minimalistic look that serves up to our standards. The first change is that we added two new suggestion channels called accepted-suggestions and denied-suggestions. We want to focus this update on getting customer suggestions ready to build an amazing Slashy Hosting 3.0 in the future. From now on, when you make a suggestion it will go to our #suggestions channel and a member of our team will regularly accept/reject suggestions and you will be able to filter between the three.

The next big change is our Discord Bot. We are aware that our old bot had massive issues with downtime and it was overall very un-reliable. Our bot is developed in Node.JS and used to use a MySQL database to store information about users, however we have now improved our reliability by changing the SQL server to MongoDB which is the best database to work with Node.JS. We have also made changes to our servers that run our bot and database. The servers are no longer hosted on the same server as our hosting and the database and bot server are also now separate. Our new bot features new commands and features. Our favourite feature is our new games released in chat. We are looking to add more games so if you have a suggestion feel free to leave it on the Discord Server. Our current games are 'Coinflip' and 'Rock Paper Scissors'. You can gamble your in-game credits that you earn from speaking in the chats to try to gain more. We have also added a new profile command (-profile) so you can view how many chat tokens you have. We have also tried to make our support system as efficient as possible by revamping the process of opening a ticket. From now on, when you open a ticket you will be prompted with a channel embed which links to your ticket. You will then be prompted with a Ticket ID which you can later use to get your chat logs and a question from our bot to explain your issue. Once you type your issue our team will get a message saying that you require help with the issue that you specified to ensure we get you to the correct department. Closing a ticket can also now be done by customers and not just staff.

We have also added some extras to our Discord such as a new Giveaway channel where we will be running weekly giveaways for our services; An affiliate role for users that take advantage of our affiliate program and new embeds in our Information channels to help you get to the correct place.



We have also now completely revamped our branding to replace the old images. Our new branding comes in 3 colour pallets; Purple, Black and White. Our new logo is a lot more modern and fits our branding scheme a lot more. We have also made changes to our existing thread design. Our main colour has now also changed from This to This



We have also made a change to our current Website. We have re-designed it from the ground up to make it easier to use. However, we have had to make delays to our existing WHMCS theme due to a technical issue that we face but we expect it to be fixed at some point this week, ready for next weeks weekly update. We have also changed our LiveChat system to make it easier for us to manage questions. As well as that, we have added a new cookie notice on the bottom of the page. Finally, we have added a new Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy will be posted in the next few days.



We have also added 3 new services to our collection which are: US Website Hosting, US Reseller Website Hosting and SSL Certificates. Our US servers are hosted in Chicago and we offer the same specs apart from DDoS protection as our UK Web Hosting node. Additionally, you can now purchase Reseller web hosting which will give you WHM access to sell Website Hosting on your own for your company. SSL Certificates are not managed by us, however we added them to assist users in creating websites.



  • Added more Knowledgebase arcticles
  • Added USD pricing to all Website Packages as well as GBP
  • Fixed Favicon issues on the website
  • Added a new SLA (Service Level Agreement) policy
  • You can now upgrade your Website Hosting from your client area
  • Fixed a spelling mistake on the UK Unmetered Web Hosting plan
  • Added a new Permission box in tickets for you to allow our team to access your account to diagnose/fix any issues.
  • We now own https://slashy.host
  • Added new US nameservers in the welcome email that you receive after purchasing



To celebrate Slashy Hosting 2.0 you can now use 2 Discount Codes at checkout.

SLASHY2ONETIME - 25% One Time Use Discount Code. Available Until 24th May 2019

SLASHY2RECURRING - 10% Recurring Discount Code. Available Until 24th May 2019



We've officially released a Trustpilot for Slashy Hosting! If you like our services please review us at TRUSTPILOT LINK.


We are aware that not all changes that we would liked to have added today made it, however we are going to be working throughout this week to get as many of the changes added as soon as possible ready for next weeks Weekly Update.


Thank you everyone.

- Ben J

Sunday, April 28, 2019

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